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Updated Jan 2020
Updated Jan 2021

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Agency Information

Name: Seymour Museum Center

Category: Cultural/educational/historical

Hours of Operation: No regular hours at this time. The building and the museum are works in progress. Tours of the building may be arranged by contacting the SMC president.

Additional Information

Address: 220 N Chestnut Street POB 1138

City: Seymour

State: Indiana

ZIP: 47274

Email: seymourmuseumcenter@gmail.com

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/SeymourMuseumInc

Contact Information

Name: Lenny Hauersperger

Title: President

Phone: 812-530-9272

Email: lennyjoehouse@gmail.com

Name: Bob Kamman

Title: Treasurer

Name: Kevin Greene

Title: Secretary

Name: Rodney Farrow

Title: Board member

Name: Charlotte Sellers

Title: Board member

Email: cas.search@gmail.com

Name: Carol King

Title: Board member

Name: Robert Bicknell

Title: Board member

Name: Mindy Clay

Title: Board member

Name: Jerry Hackney

Title: Board member

Updated Jan 2021