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Updated Feb 2017
Updated Jan 2020

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Agency Information

Name: Jackson County - Coroner

Category: Government

Service Area: Jackson County

Purpose: Whenever the coroner is notified that a person in the county: (1) has died from violence; (2) has died by casualty; (3) has died when apparently in good health; (4) has died in an apparently suspicious, unusual, or unnatural manner; or (5) has been found dead; the coroner shall, before the scene of the death is disturbed, notify a law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in that area. The agency shall assist the coroner in conducting an investigation of how the person died and a medical investigation of the cause of death.

Contact Information

Name: Michael Bobb

Title: Coroner

Phone: 812-216-1605

Email: mbobb47274@gmail.com

Updated Jan 2020