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Updated Feb 2018
Updated Jan 2020

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Agency Information

Name: Indiana Senator District 44 Eric Koch

Category: Government

Service Area: District 44 - Jackson County

Purpose: Members of the Indiana General Assembly have broad powers to enact laws, decree the type and rate of taxes levied on citizens & businesses, create & abolish agencies of state government, determine the budget for state operations & provisions of services, set rules for operation of local government & public schools, & authorize or prohibit local taxes. In addition to these and other general powers, legislators acting jointly in session are granted numerous specific powers by the Indiana Constitution, such as the power to deprive the right to vote, any person convicted of a dishonorable crime; the power to punish its members for disorderly behavior; the power to expel a member (by a 2/3 vote); & the power to impeach any state officer for a crime, incapacity, or negligence.

Additional Information

Address: 200 W. Washington Street

City: Indianapolis

State: Indiana

ZIP: 46204

Phone: 800-382-9467

Website: http://www.in.gov/legislative

Other: Office hours vary due to session and interim periods.

Contact Information

Name: Eric Koch

Title: Senate Republican

Email: Senator.Koch@iga.in.gov

Direct Webpage: https://www.indianasenaterepublicans.com/koch

Updated Jan 2020