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The WikiMedia software is extremely powerful and extremely strange to get used to. There are many, many functions available that are not shown in any kind of editor or toolbar. This page will provide step by step instructions for specific functions and tools that will be most used. Have this page open in a separate tab or window to refer back for certain functions. This may change in the future as well.

Creating a new page / Finding a current page

These two things are lumped together because they are one in the same. Searching for "library" will show you pages titled library AND, if there is no page named "library," will give you a link to create a new blank page titled Library.

The first thing you will probably want to do is replace the blank page with the generic new page template. Do this by copy/pasting this tag into the new blank page: {{subst:NewDirectory}}

This will place the text into your new page in an editable state (after you SAVE the page) so you can remove unused sections or add more or whatever you want to do. The first thing you should do is edit the [[Category:]] tag to whatever is appropriate such as Religious or Church or Business or what have you. Each page can be in multiple categories - simply repeat the [[Category:something]] with a different category name for each one you want to use. You can view a list of existing categories by opening the Special:Categories page under Tools > List of Pages or (Currently) from the link on the main page.

If the category you need to use doesn't already have a page it's best to create one, even if it's just a brief description (businesses located in Jackson County, for example). When you view a category page it acts as a directory, automatically displaying all pages within that category. If that page doesn't exist you can still add it, but the link (shown at the bottom of your new page) won't take you anywhere and the page won't be linked in any directory.

Moving / Renaming a page

If for some reason you need to change the title and/or address of a page in the wiki, you can't just open the editor and change it. Since the name of the page is also the web address of the page there is a special function for doing it all at once. When you're on the page you want to move / rename, look at the top of the page near the search bar and Edit button. There's a "More" drop down that let's you delete or protect the page, as well as Move the page. Click move to be taken to a small form where you can give the page a new name. By default the "Leave Redirect" button is checked so if another page uses the old link or someone types in the old name the site will redirect them to the new updated page.

Uploading and Inserting Media

You can both upload an image to this server and embed it into your page or embed it using a URL. It's usually best to save it to your computer from whatever source it is, then upload it here - if you embed an image from a URL and then the image is removed on THEIR server it also breaks here. They may also change the image to whatever they want and our server will still load it without knowing any different.

To begin, click "Upload File" under Tools to the left. All files are dumped into a main repository with whatever name you set then embedded into whatever page you want.

Begin by clicking "Browse" under Source File to pick an image on your computer. Then you'll set the "Destination Filename," which is how you'll embed the image in your new page. Don't worry, after you finish the upload you'll be taken to the finished image and you can copy the filename from there.

Directly below that is the Summary box where you'll enter a short description of whatever the image you just uploaded is. This should be short and direct - "Main Entrance of the Seymour Library" for example. Ignore the License drop down and click Upload File at the bottom to finish. The "" at the top is what you can paste into the appropriate part of your page. The NewDirectory template has a generic image code you can edit to paste into. Make sure there's only one "File:"

To insert a thumbnail instead of the entire picture, use code like this (example yanked from Shneck Medical Center ):

[[File:2014-porsche-919.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Race Car Picture]]

to create the image to the right.

Silly car picture

Any text entered below the [[File:....]] line will then appear to the left of the image like this, meaning you can place a pic at the top of the page and not disturb the rest of the information. This can usually go right under the first == Section Header Text == to match the look of the Shneck Medical Center page.