Brownstown Central High School

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Agency Information

Name: Brownstown Central High School

Category: Education

Service Area: Brownstown School District

Purpose: Brownstown Central High School creates an environment that promotes active student learning with teachers as responsible facilitators of knowledge. The combined efforts of all individuals, including teachers, staff, students, family, and the cohesive community, stimulate academic pursuit, personal development, and social growth through challenging and progressive educational learning processes.

Hours of Operation: 8:00am-3:00pm

Additional Information

Address: 500 N. Elm Street

City: Brownstown

State: Indiana

ZIP: 47220

Phone: 812-358-3453

Guidance Office Fax: 812-358-5318

Main Office Fax: 812-358-5551




Contact Information

Name: Joe Sheffer

Title: Principal

Name: Mark DeHart

Title: Asst. Principal/Ath. Director

Updated November 2021